Our Traditional Porcelain Fused to Metal...!

It is an ideal restoration for your most demanding patients, crown and bridge restoration is the oldest method of rehabilitation also has been the most widely used by dentist for many years all over the world.

Porcelain Fused To Metal

At San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab we guarantee the best quality results in our porcelain fused to metal restorations using the most exclusive dental materials that you know and trust our dental crowns have been design to reach you and your patients expectations, even with the new technology advances systems Crown and bridge restorations is the oldest method of rehabilitation also has been the most widely used by dentist for many years all over the world.

All our PFM copings and bridge frameworks are carefully wax under magnifications which allows us to offer you a consistently marginal fits contacts and occlusion our talented team of technicians ensuring consistent results providing you exactly what you have prescribe on each case.

The benefits are Superior strength for long- span bridges providing Function and Esthetics indicated from single crowns to a full mouth reconstruction with potential ability to last a lifetime it is also aesthetically pleasing along with our artistic skill you will received the most beautiful restorations.

Our PFM Work using different metals

With an incredible selection of high quality Argen alloys you can choose from:

Our high end porcelain material has a perfectly coefficient of thermal expansion to all our alloys to ensure better long term fracture resistance.The evolution of the esthetic porcelains allow us to provide you with the most beautiful, durability and natural look restoration. We strongly recommend to any fused to metal restorations using porcelain margin to improved the aesthetic results providing by the gingival margin you will have a hard time to differentiate it from a metal free restoration.

Our porcelain fused to metal crown we can said that they are strong reliable and biocompatible in a combination with our dedicated team we are able to create highly esthetic and functional restorations.

Thank you to our continue education and research we can provide a consistent high quality restorations. We use a feldspathic ceramic on your porcelain fused to metal that create high esthetic reliable you can be confident that we are offering the best material in the market for you and your patients. Type of cementation: conventional.

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