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Please Check our Before and After pictures of the happy patients market today this is a CAD/CAM technology.

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Material Section

One of the primary challenges faced by today’s dental team is the need to deliver high-strength restorative options without compromising the esthetic.

Our Porcelain Fused to Metal

Our Dental lab offers two levels on you porcelain fused to metal.

  1. Our “Standard”.
  2. Our “Special” level.

The difference is in the layering and characterization that goes into each level.

E.max (Lithiun Disilicate)

Your e.max TECHNIQUES according to your patients needs.

  1. Press and stain: Monolithic
  2. Cut back: Micro–layering
  3. Multilayered: Full layering

IPS e.max press is available in five varieties of translucency ingots to help you in control the shade even in a highly discolored teeth and meet your clinical needs:

  1. Impulse series: Smile Design Cases/Veneers/thin Veneers.
  2. High Translucency: Inlay-Onlay /Full Contour/Thin Veneers/Veneers.
  3. Low Translucency: crowns /Veneers.
  4. Medium Opacity: Substructures for Slightly Discolored Teeth.
  5. High Opacity: Substructure for Highly Discolored Preparation.

Cosmetic Check-List and Smile Design Cases

To help serve you better, we have put together a check list of the items needed to complete an anterior or large restorative case.

However if you cannot provide with some of the following items e-mail us or gives a call we are here to help you!!!

  1. High quality Master impression.
  2. Opposing impression or Model.
  3. Pre-op impression or model. (if you send a model gingival margin must be captured)
  4. Provisional impression or model. (if you send a model gingival margin must be captured) comments regarding the current temporaries indicating length of the final restoration.
  5. Bite registration.
  6. Detailed filled out lab form prescription.
  7. Picture stump shade of prepped teeth if picture is not provided give us stump shade only.
  8. Picture close up of full smile with provisionals.
  9. Picture retracted.
  10. Picture full face of provisionals.
  11. Picture with shade tab if picture is not provided give us desired shade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab request pictures?

It is really important for us specially when we are working on your anterior cosmetic cases and full mouth restorations it helps us to create balance and harmony.

When San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab needs a stump shade?

We need a stump shade for your all ceramic restorations, so we can adjust the desired shade.

If I don’t take pictures can you do my cosmetic restorations?

Yes, if you don’t take pictures there is other ways that we can support you gives a call we can guide you in order to have the best results possible for the final outcome.

Does San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab offer minimal prep restorations?

Yes, we do. With e.max you can have the most beautiful results without sacrificing the strength.

Check-List for Diagnostic Wax-Up

To help serve you better, we have put together a check list of the items needed to complete an anterior or large restorative case.

  1. Full arch upper/lower polyvinyl impression.
  2. Bite registration.
  3. Picture Full Face natural smile Pre-Op.
  4. Picture of Close up of Full Natural smile Pre-Op.
  5. Retracted Pre-Op.
  6. Detail filled out lab form prescription.

If you can’t provide pre-op pictures for the wax up the following tools are essential to design your cosmetic case

Achieving a perfect shading can be a challenging part of any case, including a picture with your case can increase your success rate with obtaining the perfect shade, picture is the most detailed information you can provide us and the better outcome you will received on your cases.

NOTE: A clear explication of the patients and dentist goal , included desired final length and shape.

We would like to demonstrate why we encourage you to request a diagnostic wax up on your smile design cases.

Impression Tips

Make sure your temporaries fit properly

Make sure the temporary fits well without applying pressure on the adjacent or opposing teeth.

We adjust so many cases everyday that fits perfect on the solid model however sometimes the final case for the patients requires adjustments anyway.

Our best advice to help setting crowns is to inspect your temporaries for accuracy and avoid the continuous conditions.

Please take a look to this PDF impression tips:

Download PDF file


Preparation Guide

We encourage to follow this indication and contraindication guide to ensure aesthetic and functional results.

Lab Prescription

Just click at the link and print the form:

Lab Info Schedule

We ensure that your case will be delivery on time, We are confident enough to guarantee it. In the rare event anything should happen, we will notify you as soon as possible so you NEVER face a patient without a restoration(s) in hand.

Usually we request 10 working days or more depend on your case however we understand that getting your case faster is important to you and your patient we want to help this happen without sacrificing our quality specially for your cosmetic anterior cases and full mouth reconstruction it is helpful topre-schedule cases, wwe have a system that works to serve you better.

  1. Call us as soon as you know you will be sending a case so can hold a place in our schedule for the earliest possible return.
  2. Make sure you send high quality impression and Included all necessary components with the cases when sending it.
  3. Let us know any specific circunstances so we can work together to make it work.

Yes, we do. We are here to help you, we will accommodate any rush needs. As soon as you let us know about your rush need the more efficient and economical it can be for everyone, we always try to accommodate your emergency work whenever possible (Additional charge may applied).

We will answer in 24 hours if you need a quick response please let us know and we will take care.

Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Yes, Memorial day, 4th of july, labor day, thanksgiving , chritsmas day, new years day).


Prior to beginning your case, we will inform you if any impression needs to be retaken either for distortion or margin problems you will be able to determinate if a new impression is needed, or you will assume responsibility of the accuracy of the original impression.

  1. We would Repair or replacement of any defective work.
  2. We guarantee our PFM for 5 years
  3. We guarantee our free metal restorations for 2 years.

We are proud ourselves on having the lowest remake factor but occasionally human errors does occur.

Be sure to include original models, impressions, restoration, and dies as well as your new impression. Any case returned without these will be billed at full charge. We take it seriously by researching were the problem was once this has been determinate we charged or not charged accordingly. All remakes are determined on a case by case basis.

  1. Reduction coping is fabricated for the tooth or teeth.
  2. Tooth or teeth are re-prepped or modified.
  3. When improper bonding or cementation techniques were used.
  4. San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab questions a margin or impression and the doctor approves completion of the case.
  5. The remake guarantee does not cover breakage from accident, neglect, or misuse.
  6. Restoration failed due to insufficient reduction.
  7. Restoration failed due to improper material selection or contraindications.

Billing Questions

You will receive a monthly statement the 1st day of each month that will itemize the previous 30 days working cases.

Payment is due in full by the 10th Making your payment by check. Any outstanding balance after the 10th will be subject to 1.5 finance charge.

If you prefer a different way of payment like credit card a small additional fee will be assessed please feel free to contact us..

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