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Choose a Prescription Rx from the options provided based on the nature of your case. We provide a range of tailored lab slips designed for specific products and services. Thoroughly complete the prescription by ticking all the necessary boxes to guarantee adherence to your Rx specifications.

Just click at the link below and print the form:

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Sending Digital Impressions

With San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab is highly proficient in supporting clinicians who employ digital impression systems. Our use of computer-aided technology throughout the production process guarantees that the prescribed restorations consistently exhibit excellent fit and can be crafted from cutting-edge materials. We currently accept digital impressions directly from six different scanner systems for both traditional and implant restorations. If you’re using any other open system, you can export STL files directly to us. For specific instructions based on your impression scanner type, refer to the information below or reach out to your manufacturer.

Digital Impression Benefits

San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab’s all-digital workflow, clinicians experience a faster turnaround for restorations without the delay of shipping impressions. This streamlined process reduces the need for crown remakes and ensures accurate deliveries. Clinicians using intraoral scanners avoid distortion issues associated with traditional materials. Smile Partners enjoy a $10 per-unit savings on Solid Zirconia and IPS e.max cases processed modeless, with an additional fee for printed models if desired.

Upload Digital Files

Feel free to upload your files directly on our File Upload Page.

Additionally, for a safe and secure file transfer experience, we suggest using the website You can follow these instructions for a seamless process:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the “Take Me to Free” option.
  3. Choose “I Agree” to the Terms and Condition
  4. Click “+ Add your files” and select the files from your computer that you want to transfer. (include the Rx)
  5. In the “Email to” field, enter:
  6. Enter your email address in the “Your email” field.
  7. Enter an optional message.
  8. Click the “Transfer” button.

You will always a receive confirmation within 1 business day. If you do not, please contact us.

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