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At San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab, We are committed to helping you to reinvent the smile of rejuvenate your patients appearance with results that look natural and beautiful. Over 50 years of combined experience, our crown and bridge dental lab has served in San Diego CA offering you the excellence balance between function and esthetic. Been part of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry we are commitment to excellence. Our experienced lab specialists have successfully delivered exceptional results by personalizing you and your patients needss. We deliver quality work and provide on time delivery. We pride ourselves on making your patients happy by meeting their unique and specific needs.

In our dental lab the goal is to be your Laboratory of your choice for your cosmetic restorations. We can proudly say we have strictly adhered to our commitment to serving our clients needs by providing incredible dental restorations on a consistent basis. Advancing in our dental knowledge and skills have been a requirement and priority for our lab specialists. Throughout the years we have continually worked with innovative dental materials and techniques, which have help provide a more precise performance and give a natural beauty in our restorations.

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Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry Fall 2013

SAN DIEGO COSMETIC DENTAL LAB has the honor to write an article for the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DENTISTRY . Under the title “The synergy and pathway to predictable esthetics “. Communication Between Dentist and Ceramist. In this publication the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry show how the dentist and ceramist must have excellent communication and work as a team to obtain optimal results.

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