Custom Implants & Cast Custom Implants Abutments

Custom Implant Abutments

Our Custom Implant Abutments are meticulously milled using CAD/CAM technology, tailored to the unique anatomy of each case to ensure a precise and comfortable fit. Titanium custom abutments are a common choice for all areas of the mouth and are available in a gold-tone option to prevent any gray visibility through the soft tissue or crown.

Additionally, we offer Zirconia custom abutments with a titanium base to achieve optimal esthetics, providing a versatile range of options to meet individual patient needs.

Cast Custom Abutments

We create cast custom abutments by utilizing UCLA abutments, which involve a plastic sheath with a cast-to-machined platform interface. Our technicians at Mabel Dental Lab specialize in working with UCLA abutments, enabling us to craft cast custom abutments compatible with a variety of implant companies.

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